AIA Award-winning architect Lisa Neidhardt is the  co-founder and principal of NHA, a design practice focused on delivering unique client solutions through creative conceptualization, space and material exploration, and a rigorous attention to detail.

Highly personable in her collaborative processes, her work reflects a rich meaning only achieved by developing strong connections and a deep understanding of her clients' ideas and goals.

Lisa's professional career spans 15 years and has a diverse range of project experiences including- historic renovations, single-family residences, boutique and commercial retail, hospitality, and corporate interiors.

She graduated from the University of Kentucky with honors and remains an active alumnus.  In addition to her studying under Maria Dellerba Ricci in Venice, Italy, she received multiple design awards throughout her educational career, including The Deans Prize.

Actively involved in her community, she is a co-founder of the Snow City Arts Auxiliary Board in Chicago and is involved in any number of activities supporting her sons Arlo and Ray.  She loves to travel with her husband Brian Hungerford and has a passion for playing piano.